About the artist

My artwork is inspired by nature and its layers – the seen and unseen. In addition to photographing the natural landscape and digitally created artwork, my artwork also encompasses pieces made with a mix of various materials, including recycled and found objects, metal, wood, paper machè, and fiber. I enjoy stretching my imagination, and the viewer’s, by using the materials in an unexpected manner.

Through materials, color, forms and the natural landscape, I am currently exploring the representation one’s inner monologue (or inner tapestry) in relation to the outside world. Our inner monologue impacts not only our relationships with ourselves and others, but also our actions and decisions. My exploration looks to nature with its multiple layers in its raw, chaotic, nourishing, yet beautiful forms. It is within nature one can find a connection to our true self and hopefully a sense of peace.

Dianne has a Bachelor Degree in Art, Associate Degree in Art, and an Associate Degree in Business Administration from the University of Maine at Augusta. She received her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Saint Joseph’s College, Maine. She continues to further her skills as an artist, regularly attending continuing studies programs from the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, as well as other programs. Areas of continuing studies include: green printmaking, bookmaking, cordwood masonry, felt making and mixed media techniques, bead embroidery, marble sculpting, hand cut dovetails, encaustic, metal sculpture, photography lighting, moldmaking. She has also studied weaving, both Navajo style and tapestry, with Tom Jipson, a New Hampshire textile artist, at Harrisville Design in New Hampshire. She is a member of the Kennebec Valley Art Association/Harlow Gallery.